About Us

At Element Building Projects we pride ourselves on building eco-friendly homes that are Smart, Sustainable and Affordable. The extremities of our climate here in Canberra means, as builders,  we need to take the elements into account if we are to build eco-friendly homes that will benefit the owner as well as the environment in every way possible. Our process combines the latest cutting edge ideas, materials and people to deliver homes that are sustainable, affordable, energy efficient and comfortable all year round.


Our promise to you when building with Element Building Projects:

icon-24-7You will be provided with the most sophisticated online client management system available so you can access all information of the project day or night 7 days a week
icon-clockWe will build your home on time and on budget
icon-dollarsign-updateWe will build your home with no hidden costs
icon-talkCommunication and service between the Element team and client throughout the building process will be a priority
icon-phoneWe will offer you ongoing support even once you receive your keys to your new home
icon-tick-updateQuality assurance and attention to detail will not be compromised

Our Building Principles

  • Design

Well-designed eco-friendly homes should take into account the climate in which they are being built and use natural heating and cooling methods, insulation, ventilation, shading and glazing based on this to optimise comfort. The ability to adapt to change, growth and lifestyle over an extended period of time is another important design aspect of eco-friendly homes. This is best achieved through the use of sustainable and durable materials that are able to be reused or recycled. An adaptable home may even prevent the need for future renovations or extensions, saving money and environmental resources.

  • Orientation

Natural heating and cooling is achieved by orienting an eco-friendly home to utilise as much sunlight as possible in the cooler months of Canberra and the ability to shut it out in the warmer months, creating a comfortable living environment all year-round. This is an especially important factor to consider in Canberra with our extreme climate changes throughout the year.

  • Insulation

Insulation is one of the most effective and energy efficient ways to control the temperature of your house and save money on your bills. A well-insulated house will retain the warmth in winter and drastically slow a house from heating up in the summer, keeping it cooler and much more comfortable.

  • Material Selection

Choosing materials that are either recycled or have gone through the least amount of processing possible are the most sustainable choices when building an eco-friendly home. Element homes use recycled and locally sourced materials as well as sustainably sourced timber.

dennis blk and white photo

CEO – Dennis Stravopodis

Thank you for considering Element as builders of your new eco-friendly, sustainable home.

I have been in the building industry for over twenty years now and seeing people’s ideas go from concept to reality never gets old. Making that final finished product even better than my client had in mind is not only satisfying, but it has been the driving force behind the business growing.

I am a qualified carpenter by trade, have lived in Canberra my whole life and therefore understand the local planning and legal requirements. Building has been central to my family since I can remember; my father was a bricklayer which meant that I grew up spending a lot of time around building sites.

I know the work we produce is a step above what most offer for the same price point, so if you are considering building or are interested in house and land packages, please feel free to contact me – you will be surprised at what is possible.