Energy Efficient Product Feature – The ECON WALL

econ wall canberra

In today’s post we are going to look at the ECON WALL, an exciting product available to help us build smart, affordable, energy efficient housing.

I first met Sanjiv Gosain, the inventor of ECON WALL a few years ago when we built his home in Canberra. This build was the first experience I had using the ECON WALL, and I must say it was very successful (the house won eco home of the year across Australia as an 8 Star home).

Now the time has come for Sanjiv to build a new house and demonstrate the capabilities of the ECON WALL by building Canberra’s, and Australia’s, first 9 Star rated insulated concrete thermal mass house. Let’s take a deeper look at the ECON WALL, what it is, how it works and why you might be interested.

By definition, “the ECON WALL is an insulated concrete thermal mass wall system which places the insulation on the outside of the concrete walls”. OK, so what does that mean? The ECON WALL basically differs from your standard wall by putting the insulation on the outside of the wall so there’s space to fill the inside with concrete. The green benefits are in the ‘thermal mass’ generated from this technique as well as the ability to maximise the use of recycled materials – e.g. concrete mix with high recycled and fly ash content.

We have gone over insulation in previous posts and will detail thermal mass more in the future, as a brief summary, the ECON WALL allows us to substantially increase the thermal mass in a building, meaning energy can be stored and released to help cool and heat the building at desired times of the day. The end result is a home that either needs very little additional heating and cooling, or none at all. We anticipate another surge in the popularity of the ECON WALL following the 9 Star build later this year, to learn more search ‘ECON WALL’, visit the website – or talk to us!

Cheers, Dennis