What we do

WE DO – Sustainable Eco Friendly Homes

Building sustainable homes is our specialty. At Element Building Projects we offer the aim of designing and building a home for our clients with good space, solar passive design and energy efficiency.

WE DO – A Design And Construct Service

We believe that all homes should be custom designed for each individual family, their lifestyle and most importantly, on their site. At Element Building Projects we offer a complete design and construct service that ensures we achieve a home that is functional, beautiful and inspiring to our clients requirements.

WE DO – Custom Built Homes

We also work with clients who have their own plans, make a booking to see us for a quotation to build, or get us to design your ideal dream home that will be customised to your requirements

Unique Design

Do you want to have a house that looks like every other house in the new development, or do you want something that is different, something you have chosen that you can recognise as being uniquely your home?

One-on-one experience

If you speak with someone that has recently gone through the process of having a new home built, nine times out of ten one of the most frustrating part of the experience will be have been dealing with many different contractors involved in the project.

We give you one point of contact and we make sure you are kept up to date with where things are at and expected completion dates for each stage. The peace of mind this offers is one of the reasons why we get so many word of mouth referrals.

Work with an architect

Most independent builders have no training in architecture. Dennis works with an experienced architect on every custom built home. The differences are noticeable, especially when it comes to resale values – when the development is completed, a house that is designed with the input of a qualified architect always stands out.


Adding a few personal touches to a design contributes to the sense of creating something unique. Even the smallest of contributions can blow people away when they see it come to life when the home is built.

Design for a lifestyle

Whether people realise it or not, everyone has unique needs and if you are having a custom home built, it is important to work with a builder and architect that are not only great designers, but also ask the right questions. Getting this right means living in a home that is designed around your needs. A great example of a customisation is separating the kids bedroom from Mum and Dad’s. Whether this is done or not depends on the age of the children, plans for a growing family etc. For example a family with a four year old, a six year old and expecting a baby might prefer to have a small room/nursery next to their room while having three bedrooms on the other side of the house.

WE DO – Knock Down Rebuilds

Don’t want move from your street and sell your home?We can knock down the old home and build you a new house in the same street and block you are currently living on. Our reputable team can efficiently demolish the old home and make way for a blank canvas to build the new dream home.

WE DO – HOUSE & Land Packages

Choose from different plans and land to suit your requirements – Lots of choices available and because we work with an architect on all our designs, the houses in our house and land packages tend to stand out from the crowd, which can be important in new estates where homes can tend to look a bit too similar.

No need to waste time on designing from scratch – Perfect for those on a budget and or needing to get into their new home as soon as possible.

Price is available instantly – A frustrating aspect of building new homes is getting realistic quotes quickly, we are able to do this with our house and land packages.

What is an energy efficient home?

You are probably thinking all new homes are energy efficient, right? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Luckily, you don’t have to compromise in terms of beauty, functionality and budget when building a sustainable home. The concept of an energy efficient home is pretty simple – a home that uses less energy to run.

The principles of energy efficient homes are also pretty simple;

1. Use smart orientation to take advantage of warmth from the sun and cool from the breeze;
2. Heavily insulate and seal gaps to provide a barrier to heat flow;
3. Use our greatest natural resource – the sun – to provide power through solar energy;
4. Given heating and cooling chew up around 40% of energy use in the home in Canberra, use proper orientation and insulation to minimise the need for cooling;
5. Use energy efficient heating/cooling, appliances and lighting.

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Why do I need an energy efficient house in Canberra?

Due to extreme temperature fluctuations, Canberra homes require substantially more energy to achieve thermal comfort and are therefore perfectly suited to energy efficient design and building practices. It means that our homes need to take advantage of insulation, orientation, passive heating and cooling, glazing and thermal mass.

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How to maximise natural lighting with your design orientation

There are a number of benefits that come with designing a home to accommodate natural light into living areas and bedrooms. The more natural light you have in your home, the less lights you have to turn on, and the less electricity you use. It may surprise you, but about 10% of household electricity usage comes from lighting alone!

So what is the ideal orientation?

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